Department of HTR-network Management

Collaboration with Medical Institutions in Hokkaido
The HTR supports research based on the “HTR-network”.

The HTR has created the basis for clinical research and trials by collaborating with more than 400 medical institutions. The network established among these institutions is the “HTR-network,”

What is “HTR-network”?

HTR has created (1) a framework for recruiting patients to participate in Seeds research and (2) the HTR-network which aims to establish the largest network for clinical research and trials in Japan. As of April 2016, about 400 medical institutions in Hokkaido have registered with HTR-network.
The characteristics of the HTR-network are: (1) Focus on Hokkaido as one area, (2) Comprises all sizes of medical institutions, (3) Many specialized clinics and hospitals are registered, and (4) It enables the handling of protocols in clinical trials ranging from specific diseases to lifestyle diseases. More medical institutions are constantly added to the network.
When selecting medical institutions for clinical research and trials, we use the resources of HTR-network.


Project Brochure (for medical institutions) (Japanese)
List of HTR-network Registered Medical Institutions (Japanese)

Download the files listed below, fill out the necessary form, and send the completed form to one of the contact persons by Mail or Fax.

【Contact us】
♦FAX: 81-11-706-7859
♦Phone: 81-11-706-5163
♦Contact Persons: Deguchi, Okamura, Nakamura


HTR-network Registration Form (Japanese)
How to fill out the form (Japanese)

Research Support Using “HTR-network”

The HTR assists with negotiations and introductions when selecting institutions for clinical research and trials, assisting researchers at universities and pharmaceutical companies.

The Characteristics are:

  1. Selecting a candidate facility suited to a client request based upon the information registered in the database of medical institutions maintained in the HTR.
  2. The HTR visits the candidate facility and proposes participation in clinical trials.
  3. The HTR takes the client to the candidate facility after detailed communication with the facility.
  4. The HTR implements preliminary surveys of the medical institutions registered in HTR-network.
  5. The HTR records patients in the vicinity of the facility.
  6. Other

Databases Maintained by the HTR

HTR-network has developed a “Database of medical institutions (DB)” and a “DB of Doctors”. The DBs include very important information, obtained as HTR has a close relationship with the medical institutions registered in the network.
HTR believes that utilizing the presently developed DB of medical institutions will contribute to cost reductions both in time and labor.
HTR has now strived to develop a DB of companies, and is planning the development of separate DBs for diseases and therapies.


【Contact us】
♦Phone: 81-11-706-5163
♦Contact Persons: Okamura, Nakamura, Deguchi
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