Overview of HTR Projects / Organizational Chart

Overview of the Projects of the HTR

The Hokkaido Organization for Translational Research (HTR) is a research institution that support life science seeds research projects originating from universities and business enterprises, with the aim to facilitate the practical application of newly developed medicines, medical equipment, and in vitro diagnostic agents (this type of research support is termed translational research).

of the HTR

Through translational research, to contribute to
  • facilitate the practical application of results of basic research related to the life sciences,
  • improve the conditions of medical science including citizen welfare,
  • the economy of Japan and Hokkaido by creating new industries, and by strengthening and stimulating the economy.

Overview of the Projects of the HTR

Program Name Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
“Translational Research Network Program”
Project Name All Hokkaido Translational Research Project for Advanced Medicine
Representative Organization Hokkaido University
Administrating Organizations Sapporo Medical University, Asahikawa Medical University
Principal Researcher Keizo YAMAGUCHI(President, Hokkaido University)
Project Operation Period From April 1st, 2012 to March 31st, 2017
Executive Hokkaido Organization for Translational Research(HTR)
Exective Director : Keizo YAMAGUCHI(President, Hokkaido University)

Organization Chart

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