Activity Outline

Activity Outline

Department of TR Planning and Management

  1. Project Management
  2. Support for the conduct of non-clinical trials
  3. Ensuring quality of experimental equipment
  4. Oversight of intellectual property information
  5. Support in pharmaceutical strategy consultations with PMDA
  6. Other seeds research issues

Department of Clinical Trial Management

  1. Support for development and creation of clinical study plans
  2. Biostatistics
  3. Registration office
  4. Data management
  5. Supervision of safety information
  6. Statistical analyses
  7. Other issues related to implementation of clinical examinations

Department of HTR-network Management

  1. Acts as an intermediary between clients and facilities in selecting a facility for clinical research and trials
  2. Assistance for recruiting patients to participate in clinical research
  3. Other Issues Related to the Networks

Department of TR Cooperation Promotion

  1. Collaboration among the Three Universities
  2. Promotion of Collaboration with Other Centers
  3. Strengthening Collaboration with Other Institutions

TR Office

  1. Affairs related to liaison and coordination between each department
  2. Affairs related to steering committee and operation of conferences
  3. General Administration, Budgets, Account Settlements, and Bookkeeping
  4. Others
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